Hi! We are

your cooperative partner in embedded product development.

co-design: An approach to design with involving all design process to ensure the results meet the needs.

And yes, thats what we do for your embedded product success!


We love to get involved in all aspects of Embedded Product Development Lifecycle.
We have passion to utilize our experience and knowledge to enhance your design and make you capable to achieve goals in due time.

C/C++ Coding

C/C++ Coding

Proficiency in embedded platforms architectures with strict coding compliance standards.



Support in standard based certification testing for prototyping and release

Electronic Design

Electronic Design

Power supply design, Sensor interface and Digital Logic Design support

About Us

Established in 2015 Potsdam, Germany with core team consisting of professionals with multinational experience. The combined experience of more than 20 years in requirement development, coding, hardware designing and certification testing. At Kodezine, we understand all your challenges.

We believe in cooperative, coordinated and cost effective ideas and implementation techniques that help you in creating your products in time.

We define our work in your success.


Kodezine UG
Hummelweg 8, Michendorf 14552, Germany
+49 3320 560 8888